Enable sales. Drive Sales. Win the game.

Mintigo provides context behind predictive scores and informs you when an account is in-market to purchase. The platform also gives Sales access to the most appropriate sales plays and assets as defined dynamically by the characteristics of your leads and accounts. Having these actionable insights, MintigoAI empowers your sellers to work smarter, saving energy and budget for prospective customers who show the highest likelihood to buy.



With smart insights, new hires can ramp up faster while existing sales professionals can improve their productivity. MintigoAI is truly a marketing and sales platform enabling both teams to work better together. Sales reps are able to use these insights at both a lead and account level to craft the best message, whether they are following up on inbound leads or conducting outreach to desirable prospects.


  • Enrich your CRM system with specific and up-to-date insights accounts and contacts
  • Improve sales and marketing alignment by leveraging unified data and intelligence
  • Improve your sales team’s competitiveness by enabling them to close more and larger deals




"We are using Mintigo to help us help our salespeople prioritize their leads."

- Kimberly Malone

Technical Program Manager, Getty Images