Mintigo DNA Spotlight Report - January 2014

State of the Marketing Technology Industry

Analysis of more than 180,000 B2B companies reveals enormous room for marketing automation technology to gain users.
Mintigo DNA Spotlight Report: State of the Marketing Technology Industry, December 2013

While marketing technology companies are making a lot of buzz at the moment, the actual penetration rates for marketing automation platforms remain quite low.

Across a wide variety of industries, from software and Internet to health and pharmaceuticals, marketing automation solutions offered by companies like Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot have only just begun to penetrate their full opportunity. This leaves a huge opportunity for one or more of these companies to dominate in what is still a wide open playing field.

In this report, Mintigo’s Customer Intelligence Platform analyzed 186,500 US-based B2B companies by using big data analytics to parse their websites, social media networks, and business directories. This report discovered the types of businesses and industries that implemented the latest marketing technology tools.

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