WEBINAR REPLAY The Funnel of Love: From Attraction to Happily Ever After
Presented by Mintigo and PFL

We all know that the dating game is not an easy one. Whether you’re single, looking for someone or in a relationship – you’re on a complex journey with all sorts of signals (or a lack thereof).

So, how can you make sure you’ve found the right person and are engaging them the right way?

In this webinar replay with Nida Chughtai, VP of Marketing at Mintigo, and Jason Yarborough, Director of Strategic Alliances at PFL, you’ll learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and personalized engagement can help you find your match and win over your one true love – your customers.

Don’t let your relationship get ruined before it even starts by inundating your target audience with messages.

Our speakers teach you some incredible ways to turn your funnel into a funnel of love, including:

  • The importance of personalized messaging and engagement.
  • How to take prospects from engagement to long-term relationship.
  • The best ways to reach and engage your customers throughout the sales process.
  • Why AI, direct marketing, and digital personalization are a match made in heaven.

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