WEBINAR REPLAY Scale Your ABM with AI-Driven Digital Marketing
Presented by Mintigo and Metadata.io

Account-based marketing (ABM) has changed the way B2B marketers target prospects with personalized content through digital ads and social media. To take advantage of these advancements you’ll need to make sure your tools are aligned with your ABM strategy.

Mintigo and Metadata.io are leading this transformation with sophisticated yet easy to use tools to discover your ideal customer profile and target accounts, analyze your buyer personas, deploy highly targeted account-based advertising, and ultimately build a stronger pipeline.

Nida Chughtai, VP of Marketing at Mintigo, and Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata explain how to:

  • Use AI to identify your most valuable accounts that are in market
  • Determine the right content and the best ways to engage target accounts
  • Personalize digital engagements through multivariate testing

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