WEBINAR REPLAY - Genesys, Mintigo, & Forrester Transforming to Account-Based Demand
By Aligning People, Data, and Technologies

A lot of B2B companies are moving to an account-based demand approach, but doing so effectively requires a true transformation. Supporting modern ABM requires marketing and sales teams to align around data-driven insights that help them target the right accounts at the right time. Furthermore, advanced technologies like predictive can enable teams to use account-based intelligence to assist with a multitude of use-cases, from pursuing higher revenue accounts, to expanding into new markets.

At this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, Genesys won the ROI Award in the category of sales, marketing, and product alignment. They earned this recognition not only for their comprehensive work in shifting to an account-based demand approach but also because of their effectiveness at leveraging predictive analytics and intent data for multiple use-cases.

In this webinar replay we at Mintigo host our clients at Genesys to learn how they evolved to an account-based planning and engagement model at a global scale, optimized their tech stack to solve for various use-cases, and developed a revenue operations function to plan, engage, and measure with precision.

This webinar also featured a guest speaker from Forrester on trends in predictive insights and intent to accelerate business growth.

In the webinar you’ll learn:

  • Attributes of an award-winning alignment strategy for sales, marketing, and product
  • The role of revenue ops and analytics to support efficient account-based growth
  • Methods to optimize and extract actionable insights from the martech stack

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