MintigoAI is your intelligent customer engagement platform that puts the power of AI in your hands.
Learn how MintigoAI has revolutionized B2B marketing to drive marketing success.

Easy, Powerful and Complete solution for all your marketing needs


AI is complex but the usage of it shouldn’t be. MintigoAI makes it easy to adopt AI with simple to use applications, self-served modeling and easy integrations. You can think of MintigoAI as the brain on top of your marketing automation. Our technology allows you to move at the speed of business; because your business changes rapidly, you need an agile, online, fully automated solution that can build models and results quickly using millions of data points. Our AI technology is powerful & mature: based on life-saving technologies developed by world-class AI experts. MintigoAI is your full customer lifecycle solution.


One of the largest and most advanced insights collection systems in the world

Leveraging both first party and third party data on millions of companies globally, Mintigo creates predictive models to discover your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Mintigo’s proprietary technology scours the web in real time for over 20,000 insights and buying signals, from websites, company’s hiring trends, social and use of specific tools to buying intent for certain products and services. These insights act as data inputs for Mintigo’s predictive models, and are visible within our platform or select CRM and marketing automation solutions for segmentation. We do not believe in a “black box” approach; we provide all the data you need – optimized for your business – to make strategic marketing decisions to drive results.

Sales and marketing use cases across the funnel

Whether your objective is to find the right accounts for account-based marketing, to discover your Ideal Customer profile (ICP) or to identify unknown accounts or leads, our predictive modeling technology optimizes to serve your needs seamlessly. All that is required is a list of accounts that fit the profile, and our system not only picks out the remaining accounts in your database that exhibit similar characteristics, but also net new accounts that do not exist in your database. Users of MintigoAI span demand generation professionals to marketing operations practitioners, given the breadth and depth of use cases enabled through our technology.

MintigoAI is the most advanced AI for Marketing platform. It:


Discovers unknown accounts or leads that are not on your radar


Prioritizes all your leads and accounts


Finds the right accounts for your ABM initiatives


Finds the right audiences for your display, content syndication, social or email campaigns


Discovers your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for all your products and offers


Provides account and lead insights, allowing you to create the right content and messaging


Provides you with buying signals so you can engage at the right time


Provides visibility into the buying stages of each of your accounts

Easy - Powerful - Complete!

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Customer success comes naturally to us

First and foremost, our Customer Experience team is comprised of veteran B2B marketers, sales leaders and top data scientists. When you work with us, you’ll discover that the people at Mintigo are fanatically obsessed to see our customers succeed. It’s part of our culture. It is no wonder that many of our customers have seen and continue to see tremendous effectiveness of their sales and marketing.

MintigoAI is easy to use, but should you ever need assistance, our dedicated Customer Success team is here to help. We are single-mindedly focused to see you succeed… because we win when you win.


Leading companies use Mintigo and proudly share their success stories

Enterprise and fast-growing companies including ADP, Oracle, Getty Images, Red Hat, CA Technologies and Neustar have succeeded with Mintigo by transforming their marketing automation and sales processes. These companies have vastly benefited from real-time insights, lead and account prioritization, sales and marketing alignment and most importantly, a higher ROI. For more information, please visit our “Customers” page.

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